Professional Qualifications

Litigation needs competence beyond textbook knowledge. A host of skills are required to gather the right information and represent clients effectively.

These qualifications are largely acquired with experience in understanding the needs of a client, the merits of a case, and the mind of the Court.

Client Counseling

Collecting and structuring relevant facts.

Designing case strategy by exploring various options.

Preparing clients for police interrogation or deposition before a Court.

Legal Research

Comprehensive online and offline research on legal issues involved in a case. 

Dual thinking approach to find the best material for and against our case.

Ascertaining the merits and demerits of a case as against the position of law.  


Petitions, Applications, Objections, Affidavits, and other Court documents. 

Police complaint, Legal Notice, and Representations to government authorities.

Compendium of Annexures for responding to Notice issued by Police, Lokayukta, Enforcement Directorate, Central Bureau of Investigation, Income Tax Department, or other enforcement authorities.


Prioritising and articulating the best arguments for the case.

Court craft and Courtroom decorum for effective persuasion.

Well versed with Virtual Courts and online hearings.

Occupational Skills

Negotiations for Out-of-Court settlements.

Engaging Senior Advocates when necessary.

Foresight of possible scenarios.

Cost-benefit analysis of outcomes.

Manpower and resource management.